2014 ARM Student Design Contest

Registration is now open for 2014 ARM Student Design contest until March 10th (extended to March 27th).

The contest will culminate at Imagine RIT on Saturday May 3rd. 

Last year we had 15 teams and more than 40 students competed!

All the projects were absolutely professional and engaging!

At the bottom of this page there are some photos to show you how fun it was!

Why do you want to participate in the ARM Student Design Contest?

  1. You get to demonstrate your ideas to your friends and family! (Yesss!)
  2. All the girls(boys)! think you are the coolest and smartest guy(gal) in the whole universe! (Awesome!)
  3. You get bragging rights! (Oh Yeah!)
  4. You practice your entrepreneurial skills! ($$$$$)
  5. You create an innovative product! ($$$$$$)
  6. Imagine RIT visitors get to invest in your project! (you have to convince them to give away their millions of “Tony the Tiger” bucks!)
  7. You want to be filthy rich! Last year the first prize winner received thousands of dollars in cash! ($0.800 Thousand Dollars!!!!)
  8. All participants get free embedded platforms to develop their projects! (A geeky dream come true!)
  9. All participants get “Cool” Imagine RIT T-shirts and Dinosaur BBQ Lunch! (Wow!)
  10. All participants get nominated for a Nobel Prize! (Maybe not, but it is kinda like that!)

Send your proposal to axbeec@rit.edu TODAY!!!

Information needed for registration

  1. Project Name
  2.  Project description
  3. ARM board
  4. Team Members:
  • Name
  • Shirt Size
  • Phone Number(day event)
  • email

2014 ARM Student Design Contest Announcement and Rules

2014 ARM Student Design Contest @ Imagine RIT


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