Jason Kridner – Keynote Speaker


The Next Economy is Hardware Included

The new product development landscape includes low-cost, low-power ARM development boards, such as BeagleBone Black, with high-level operating systems that provide Internet connectivity via hundreds of always simpler programming paradigms, extensive interfaces with tutorials to connect to virtually any sensor or control element and a true open hardware nature that enables full customization without any barriers to reach production. These tools that lower the time and cost of bringing a product to market are now coupled with social financing options, such as Kickstarter, opening up entrepreneurial opportunities that haven’t been available since the dawn of the dotcom boom. While the ecosystem of mobile phones and mobile apps has provided success for some, the multi-function nature of phones prevents an appliance-like experience and sets a $0.99 expectation that caps opportunities of many by creating a “hit single” environment where a few make a lot of money and most make nothing at all. By creating an appliance, rather than an app, the value proposition of your concept can be conveyed much more simply and the experience of technology can be made seamless within our society.

Bio – Jason Kridner is the Software Community Development Manager for Sitara™ ARM® processors at Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). During his over 20-year
tenure with TI, he has become an active leader in TI’s open source initiative and played an integral role in creating open-source development tools such as BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM BeagleBone and now BeagleBone Black, a credit-card-sized Linux computer platform based on TI’s 1GHz Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor that runs Android 4.0 and Ubuntu software.

Inspired by the needs of Linux developers, Kridner created the idea of pioneering a powerful, innovative and open community where developers and hobbyists could share solutions, showcase new projects, ask questions and offer feedback. Launched in 2008, BeagleBoard.org averages more than 50,000 hits per week and is now one of the most
active open-source hardware communities in the industry.

As a high-profile industry expert, Kridner has engaged audiences at a variety of industry and developer shows including Maker Faire, OSCON, CES, Design, Android Builders Summit, Linux Collaboration Summit and the Embedded Linux Conference.

In his free time, Kridner uses BeagleBone to explore his creativity, including creating the BeagleBone Mustache Cam, which uses a webcam and computer vision to detect faces and superimpose fancy mustaches.


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