Keil Tools by ARM


Workshop 1 – CAN:  Controller Area Network

Bob Boys

  • CAN is everywhere – not just in automotive.
  • CAN is a two-wire easy-to-configure network.
  • Adding nodes is as easy as plugging them in.
  • In this hands-on lab you will write a small program for a small CAN network using an NXP or ST processor and pass and receive messages.
  • If you are looking for a easy to use network that is fast to create: CAN is a good choice.
Workshop 2 – Real Time Operating System:  Keil RTX
Bob Boys
  • Using a STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M4 you will construct the RTOS from the basics.
  • This will illustrate how RTX works and how easy it is to configure.
  • We will examine and adjust the various RTOS timings using the ARM Serial Wire Viewer.
  • You will clearly see when task switching happens and how long a task stays active.

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